Another review + possible new versions

Another great review on Roguebasin.

Meanwhile, I’m thinking about a new version (0.2) with new features, and enhanced gameplay, and more lore.



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New Review + News

I’m pleased to say that Stygia got a positive review over on Heroic Fisticuffs – this pleases me greatly. The reviewer mentions a couple of things I have to look into, but overall I’m quite pleased with how the game turned out.

And yes, the post-mortem will be forthcoming. Soon.

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Stygia: Post-7DRL Bugfix#2

Another version of Stygia has been released (v0.12), to fix some more reported bugs (thanks to Fobbah for the bug report).

Available from

Fixes in this version:

  • Fixed an issue with the view not being centred on the player after  using a scroll of Teleportation.
  • The Quit (‘Q’) command now works properly.
  • Added a version notifier to the title screen.
  • Added a command to display version information in-game (‘V’).

Hopefully this will be the final version for a while *fingers-crossed*

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Stygia: Update of Bug Fix

Due to users reporting some game-breaking issues, I’ve had to recompile a bug-fix release of my 7DRL, Stygia. v0.11 is now available here (both code+ executable as before in the same package) and fixes the following bugs:

  • Fixed an issue that would sometimes prevent monsters from moving and doing stuff on their turns
  • Fixed an issue with monsters accidentally stacking on the same square and resulting in one of them being subsequently undetectable/unattackable.

I’ve not idea if this makes the game ineligible for the 7DRL or not: but I’d rather have a properly working version than not, so I’ve posted the update. Old save files are compatible with the new version – just copy over the contents of the save subdirectory.

The original version, v0.1, is of course still available, and always will be from the same URL as it was previously available at.

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New Download

OK, after some errors were reported, I had to do a recompile of the project, targeting x86 platforms specifically (yes, I was being an idiot). Same filename as before: I think this is just about acceptable to the word and the spirit of the rules of the 7DRL?

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Stygia v0.1 is available for download here. After 36 hours work over 167 hours and 54 minutes calendar time, I’ve finally got a 7DRL!

I’m off to collapse and never look at a line of code again.

(joke, I think)

More later.

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Day #7 Update #4

Total Development Time So Far: 34 hours

Total Development Time Left2 hours

  • To do: Potions
  • To do: Scrolls
  • Done: Finish off Combat Mechanics/AI
  • Done: Death Screen
  • Done: Help Screen

Current Music: Wynton Marsalis – Septet at the Village Vanguard


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