Day #1 Update #1

Total Development Time So Far: 2 hours

Right, spent 2 hours coding this evening. Progress made:

  1. Added handling of keypad keys (as well as standard Vi keys)
  2. Added diagonal movement (using the Nethack YUBN/keypad keys)
  3. Added writing out of level to disk (see below)
  4. Added message handling

The problem is that the level save files (300×200 cells) are 3 MB in size, because I forgot to cast the values of each cell properly, hence the files are meaninglessly (is that a word?) and needlessly¬†inflated:

Next on the agenda is to fix this, and light out the rest of the game information (viewport, message log, current position turn count etc) before working on the character stuff, and the loading in of the game information.

Current Music: Jarboe – Mahakali


About mithy

Mature astrophysics undergraduate student living in the UK, fascinated by things that go boom. Owned by two adorable magnificent feline beasts.
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One Response to Day #1 Update #1

  1. Your screen shot looks like. I like how the color of the light changes the further away from you it is. Looks like you already got navigation down. You are ahead of me on my 7DRL. Good luck.

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