Day #2 Update #2 (End of Day 2 Update)

Total Development Time So Far: 9 hours

Ok, still working on the internals of character stats and stuff, but I’ve got them displaying on the screen, along with mockups of items and spells:

How would I describe prorgess today? Slower than I had hoped, and I didn’t get to spend as much time as I would have liked coding, but steady none the less. I’m looking forward to spending more time tomorrow actually implementing new features, instead of perfecting older ones.

As I mentioned earlier, on the #rgrd chatroom, the reason I’m spending so much time on saving/continuing, is that I’ve never been able to implement it before for any of my roguelikes, and hence this is personally a big thing to me.

The roadmap for the rest of the week therefore currently looks like this:

  • Day 3: Character Stats/Skills/Advancement
  • Day 4: Items & Inventory
  • Day 5: NPCs
  • Day 6: Magic
  • Day 7: Game Design/Game Goals & Polishing and Release

Yep, Day 7 is looking a tight squeeze already!

Current Music: Holst – The Planet Suite

About mithy

Mature astrophysics undergraduate student living in the UK, fascinated by things that go boom. Owned by two adorable magnificent feline beasts.
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