Day #3 Update #3 (End of Day 3)

Total Development Time So Far: 14 hours

Well, Day 3 has now come and gone, and due to a sidetrack with Independent Lightsources, I’ve not quite finished the coding/handling of Items, which for some reason I did ahead of finishing work on stats/skills (doh!). On the plus side, I think the independent light-sources look rather good:

But tomorrow I hope to keep plugging away on things, and we’ll see how far I get by the weekend. Even if Stygia turns into a 10DRL, or a 30DRL, I’ve had fun.

Current Music: In the Woods – Omnio

About mithy

Mature astrophysics undergraduate student living in the UK, fascinated by things that go boom. Owned by two adorable magnificent feline beasts.
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