Stygia: Update of Bug Fix

Due to users reporting some game-breaking issues, I’ve had to recompile a bug-fix release of my 7DRL, Stygia. v0.11 is now available here (both code+ executable as before in the same package) and fixes the following bugs:

  • Fixed an issue that would sometimes prevent monsters from moving and doing stuff on their turns
  • Fixed an issue with monsters accidentally stacking on the same square and resulting in one of them being subsequently undetectable/unattackable.

I’ve not idea if this makes the game ineligible for the 7DRL or not: but I’d rather have a properly working version than not, so I’ve posted the update. Old save files are compatible with the new version – just copy over the contents of the save subdirectory.

The original version, v0.1, is of course still available, and always will be from the same URL as it was previously available at.

About mithy

Mature astrophysics undergraduate student living in the UK, fascinated by things that go boom. Owned by two adorable magnificent feline beasts.
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2 Responses to Stygia: Update of Bug Fix

  1. Fobbah says:

    Very cool – congrats on the successful entry!
    One of the best entrants this year by far 🙂

    Might want to fix the bug where using a teleport scroll the screen becomes no longer centred on the player though.

  2. mithy says:

    Cheers for reporting that: I implemented scrolls with under an hour to go and didn’t get time to test them fully. I’ve now prepared a new version with that fix in it and will deploy this evening.

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