Day #6 Update #1 (End of Day 6)

Total Development Time So Far: 28 hours

Err, due to prior engagements I got little done today, apart from setting up the dungeon stack (10 levels and then the boss) and stair handling. ūüė¶

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Day #5 Update #2 (End of Day 5)

Total Development Time So Far: 27 hours

I spoke too soon of finishing the inventory РI found some nasty bugs that took a while to squelch. But its now finished:

That’s the good news. The bad news, is that monster coding is nowhere near finished, and I really needed it to be done today to keep on track to my schedule (which I set out here, back in Day #2, which seemed like a lifetime ago).


(as they say).

Looks like it is going to be a late night tomorrow night!

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(*incidentally, I’ve noticed my coding music habits during the week have changed: at the beginning, it was quite mellow and relaxing…and now, I’ve resorted to Black Metal. That tells a story all of its own!)

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Day #5 Update #1

Total Development Time So Far: 25 hours

Inventory Coding is now done:

A few bits and bobs remain to be coded on item handling, but I’ve also started work on monster generation and combat. Time is getting short, as I’m out all day tomorrow, so I may end up having to code most of Saturday night/Sunday morning, and code all the way through to the deadline on Sunday evening (at 6pm), a prospect I’m not looking forward to.

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Day #4 Update #2 (End of Day 4)

Total Development Time So Far: 20 hours

Slowly, but surely I’m getting there.

Item handling is now in, and I’ve almost finished inventory coding, and I’m just tidying up a lot of the code innards:

I’ve decided to cut out magic (other than wands) from the 7DRL version, in order to try and get it done on time.¬†But it will be in the first non-7DRL version!

Tomorrow then will involve finishing off the inventory and coding monsters/combat.

The monster selection will be small: 10 normal types, 1 per level of the dungeon, although each will have several different types, and a few special themed monsters. I’ll be reusing the monster stats/handling/combat model from Kharne (which is in itself a ripoff of D20), to speed things up, implementation-wise.

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Day #4 Update #1

Total Development Time So Far: 17.5 hours

I don’t know where time is flying to – I’m still working on items, albeit placing them on the map and having the @ interacting with them. But already I sense the dread hand of the deadline creeping up on me as we’re pretty much now at the halfway point of the week: I may end up dropping magic/spells from the 7DRL version to get it finished in time.

In other new nrkn over at asked me recently why I wasn’t using .NET’s inbuilt object binary¬†serializer¬†for saving/loading my game state (see here for the code).

The answer is that the classes in the version of the Doryen Library¬†I’m using doesn’t support it (at least in the .NET port), although I am using a slightly older version (1.5.0).

Now, this isn’t an¬†insurmountable¬†obstacle, I could rewrite my engine to remove all Doryen classes from objects that will get saved. But its out of scope for the 7DRL. So I’ll continue to, for now, to save items manually.

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Day #3 Update #3 (End of Day 3)

Total Development Time So Far: 14 hours

Well, Day 3 has now come and gone, and due to a sidetrack with Independent Lightsources, I’ve not quite finished the coding/handling of Items, which for some reason I did ahead of finishing work on stats/skills (doh!). On the plus side, I think the independent¬†light-sources¬†look rather good:

But tomorrow I hope to keep plugging away on things, and we’ll see how far I get by the weekend. Even if Stygia turns into a 10DRL, or a 30DRL, I’ve had fun.

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Day #3 Update #2

Total Development Time So Far: 12 hours

Good grief, my code is inelegant. I’ll need badly to refactor it completely after the competition is over, before using it as a base for future development of this game. Part of this is probably due to my inexperience with C#, and bad habits from my last roguelike, but I’m still enjoying it.

Though the code as it stands at the end of the competition (Sunday evening @ 6pm UK time for me) will of course be released under the GPL in all its….glory (heh)

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Day #3 Update #1

Total Development Time So Far: 10 hours

I’ve just started on Day 3, and tidied up a few bits and bobs from yesterday, and am looking forward to another few hours coding. I think today I’ll be able to make up time that I lost yesterday.

So what have I got in mind for today?

Well, with any luck, I’ll have completed skills/advancement, the dungeon tree, and also items and perhaps made progress on the inventory.

Skills and stats wise, characters have the following:

  • Body – which is used to calculate hit points
  • Mind – which is used to calculate mana points
  • Finesse – which is used to calculate attack & defense

I’m planning to, for now, have the bare minimum of items to make the game playable:

  • weapons, which can either give bonuses to attack, and/or to stats
  • armor, which can either give bonuses to defense, and/or to stats.
  • a few types of instant-action potions, such as healing potions.
  • a few types of scrolls, such as blink & teleport.
  • if I have time, rods/wands.

I don’t think I’ll bother with the identify game yet, not in the 7DRL version.

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Day #2 Update #2 (End of Day 2 Update)

Total Development Time So Far: 9 hours

Ok, still working on the internals of character stats and stuff, but I’ve got them displaying on the screen, along with mockups of items and spells:

How would I describe prorgess today? Slower than I had hoped, and I didn’t get to spend as much time as I would have liked coding, but steady none the less. I’m looking forward to spending more time tomorrow actually implementing new features, instead of perfecting older ones.

As I mentioned earlier, on the #rgrd chatroom, the reason I’m spending so much time on saving/continuing, is that I’ve never been able to implement it before for any of my roguelikes, and hence this is personally a big thing to me.

The roadmap for the rest of the week therefore currently looks like this:

  • Day 3: Character Stats/Skills/Advancement
  • Day 4: Items & Inventory
  • Day 5: NPCs
  • Day 6: Magic
  • Day 7: Game Design/Game Goals &¬†Polishing and Release

Yep, Day 7 is looking a tight squeeze already!

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Day #2 Update #1

Total Development Time So Far: 7.5 hours

OK, Saving/Loading has taken much longer than I anticipated, mainly because I had an hour-long brainfart with C#’s trim command. However, save/load is now working fully.

So, onwards on the rest of Day 2 with displaying character/information and dealing with advancement, and setting up skills and inventory.

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